Tuesday, April 12, 2011

anodyne - Destruction 808 (Earwiggle)

Artist: anodyne
Title: Destruction 808
Label: Earwiggle
Cat no: EAR001
Format: 12” Vinyl / Digital
Release date: April 18th 2011 (vinyl) / May 5th 2011 (digital)

Destruction by earwiggle
地獄 by earwiggle

Menace 808 by earwiggle
Talon by earwiggle


Fresh from a big 2010 that saw 'Corrosion' become many people's candidate for album of the year, and a follow up 12" with remixes from Autechre and The Black Dog that brought even greater attention to the project, the next job for anodyne (Colin Cloughley) is to now release what is bizarrely his debut solo 12".

While 'Corrosion' showed Colin's love for early Black Dog and Warp Records, this ep starts off with the more growling intent of 'Destruction' - a venomous techno/dubstep hybrid that brings together the rawest elements of both genres, that’ll no doubt tear many club rooms a new one. '地獄’is a straight hitting acid/hoover attack that descends into all sorts of chaos - reminiscent of the power of Polygon Window coupled with the madness of Spiral Tribe; this is a track that quickly brings things into disrepute.

On the b-side 'Menace 808' revisits the electro/breakbeat rave sound with all sorts of twists and turns that eventually drops into a pure unashamed hands in the air breakdown. One for the fields and festivals this summer? You know it is. Closing with the pacy, glitched up breaks of 'Talon', anodyne proves once again that when it comes to haunting yet majestically uplifting dancefloor music, there are few better in the game.