Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This Sunday’s gig sees the meeting of three techno giants, all headliners in their own right. Cari Lekebusch and Adam X’s records speak for themselves: releasing music through almost forty combined years at the helm, from the hedonistic rave days through to today’s Berghain influenced techno scene - of which Adam’s Traversable Wormhole releases are a defining symbol, and incidentally, where Cari is playing this Saturday in Berlin as a warm-up to Sunday in Dublin!

A man with far less of a head start, but with an equally revered production output is Juan Rico aka Reeko, who plays live on the night. Originally hailed as Spain’s young techno prodigy following a string of mind blowing early releases, Reeko has lived up to his early promise by building up a catalogue of superlative deep, dark and industrial dancefloor grooves, with the trademark swing of his beloved Roland 909 and shuffle of his killer rhythms. Reeko’s live sets have been the toast of practically all events and festivals he has played at in recent years. Unfortunately trying to track down some of these sets online is not particularly easy though. For now, we have selected some of our favourite tracks by Reeko to give you a flavour of what he is going to bring to the party on Sunday!

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