Thursday, December 9, 2010

CJ Bolland and Frank De Wulf in Dublin (28.1.11)

It has been a little while since our last gig and we were keen to come back with something special, so upcoming on Friday January 28th we welcome two legends of the scene to The Button Factory - CJ Bolland and Frank De Wulf - playing strictly old skool sets. As two people who laid the foundation of Europe’s exploding scene in the ‘90s, there are literally no better men to represent this period of time, when they get together to play many key tunes that define these essential years.

Besides being one of the producers of a generation – kicked off by a slew of outstanding releases on Ghent’s legendary R&S Records - English-born but Belgian based CJ Bolland was one of the pivotal figures in Europe’s rave and burgeoning techno scene from the early ‘90s. Working under various names like Ravesignal, Sonic Solution, The Project, Space Opera, and of course his own, CJ’s skills in the studio made him both an underground and overground superstar, while as a DJ he became one of the most widely renowned performers around. One of the few high profile names to regularly incorporate different styles into his sets, despite the growing sub-genre purism that seeped into the scene, CJ Bolland has played some of the best dj sets we have witnessed in Dublin over the years. Expect this performance to be no different, as he digs into his crates for a special selection of retro gems.

Frank De Wulf is an originator, a pioneer, a living legend. Making his name originally during the Belgian new beat era of the late ‘80s, De Wulf set the scene alight through classic tracks like ‘Acid Rock’ (as Rhythm Device) and most notably the ‘B-Sides’ series on Music Man - a collection of eps that displayed the unusual splicing of elements from well known records of the time, made into killer dj-friendly tracks. Casual fans will recognise much of De Wulf’s own music and remixes (The Orb, The Shamen, Jam & Spoon, N-Joi, Human Resource, Paul Hartnoll all benefited from De Wulf’s remixing talent) while hardcore fans will tell you of how their lives changed when they first heard Frank’s music or saw him play back in the day. After a long-term hiatus from the dance scene, Frank De Wulf is back, and back to play in Ireland for one night only!

Appearing on the night also is Pierce Rooney. Better known for his ongoing achievements as a dj/producer on the global hardhouse scene, Pierce leads a double life as one of Dublin’s old skool vinyl overlords. Pick a random label of the past - like for instance Network, R&S or Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ - and there’s a good chance that Pierce owns their whole catalogue; if there’s an ultra rare house track you heard on an old mixtape but never knew the name, there’s a good chance Pierce has double copies. Pierce is one of the true soldiers out there and we are delighted to have him warming up on the night.

Friday January 28th 2011
The Button Factory, Curved Street, Dublin 2

A Night of Strictly Old-Skool with:

CJ Bolland (R&S Records – Belgium)
Frank De Wulf (The B-Sides – Belgium)
+ Pierce Rooney

Doors: 11pm
Early bird tickets: €10 (until January 7th) at Event Elephant

CJ Bolland on
Frank De Wulf on
Pierce Rooney on

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